Rhyme Light bamboo

Each home is shaped into different spatial expressions because of the different needs of the people living in it. Three generations of the same house, what will be the expression?! _____________ The design must begin with the experience of the resident's life. The theme of spatial planning is extended by the growth line and lifestyle of the elders and children, and the elegant acceptance function is displayed in plain and leisurely vocabulary. Through this way of thinking, the authentic feeling of this set of "Qingyun Shallow Bamboo" is refined.

Pushing open the door and entering, the "bamboo" screen beside the porch makes the style of relieving pressure and warmth in the room clear. The room has the advantage of broad daylighting. Once entering the door, with the moving line moving forward, the vision of the door is broad. Restaurant space is not framed by the structure of the idea, only through the simple floating board, so that the owner can show his preferences, free collage of life interest, unlimited living space for family interaction more closely, but also to construct a unique end-view wall picture. The transition space between dining room and living room is integrated with the overall design of piano and bookshelf, and the communication of moving lines is skillfully planned. The living room area captures the advantages of the original structure, and integrates the texture of wallpaper and the vitality of green planting with its spacious nature. Warm sunlight penetrates the wide glass and illuminates the room. A recreational chair is placed for people to sit or lie down. A cup of tea and a book are set free. They can penetrate the outside of the living room and extend the view of the end view infinitely. The corridor space is planned as a function of reception. It follows the whole tone to make a concise and neat storage cabinet, which makes it look like the customization of the building itself. There is no sense of abruptness. Gray glass veneer decoration opens the prelude of the coexistence of light, shadow and mirror.

Space taste should be shaped according to the habits and characteristics of the residents. Here, our landlord only loves Yunjin with local characteristics, and the designer carefully arranges the space for decoration. When he realizes the shallow and real attachment of the landlord to Chinese articles, the designer who is good at using "imagery" means takes "bamboo" represented by oriental culture as the element, the concise idea is embodied in the screen. The design of bookshelf, seeking change in law, displaying ingenuity in convenience, and the attitude of Zen life with festivity will relax life.

Rhyme Light bamboo

Design : WuTongStudio
Photographer : Jin Xiao Wen
Area: 128 sqm
Completion : February 2011
Location : Nan Jing
Quiet Life