The base conditions of the case are not satisfactory, and our design time is only three days. A fourteen-seat barber shop needs to be placed in the mall aisle, which is occupied by three fire-fighting corridors at the same time.

We define this case as "inside closure". We use the vertical layout method of block intersection to solve the original streamline obstacles in function. On this basis, we use the most conventional materials to build a "inside closure" building site. Firstly, in the field, three entrances and exits are mandatory. One general entrance needs to be connected with the back door of the shopping mall bookstore, and the other secondary entrance needs to be close to the entrance of the fire staircase of the shopping mall. Facing the complicated streamline, the orderly indoor function is the core way to solve the contradiction. The entrance is connected with the bar and rest area to form a buffer; all the work areas are placed on the right side of the entrance and set up a water bar, surrounded by a large area of gradient glass; the area of hair washing is set on the left side, mostly surrounded by entities. The scale of the whole internal layout is exhausted, and the whole space is constructed with a large area of gradient glass. On the one hand, the atomization effect guarantees the privacy of the guests, makes the atmosphere calm and stable, on the other hand, produces a hazy sense of mystery, which makes it interesting to feel through the outside world.


Design : WuTongStudio
Photographer : Dirk Weiblen
Area: 99sqm
Completion : February 2018
Location : NanJing