Quiet Life

This is the home of an inspector from Muji Greater China. The family is engaged in furniture trade. It has its own furniture brand and a long-term cooperative team of Japanese designers. Her father has been traveling in Japan and some Southeast Asian countries for a long time. She graduated from Nanjing Forestry University in furniture design. Now she is engaged in furniture brand research and development and trade with her father.

The pursuit of home calm, not showing off colorful things, is their appeal for space aesthetics. As a 96 square metre duplex unit, the actual area of a single floor is only 40 square metres, while the owner has a villa with two generations nearby. More hope is to set up a small world of two people here.

Retain the existing transparent and open pattern, designers let the perspective of space, as far as possible without the constraints of parity, open public areas, restaurants, kitchens, living rooms on an axis, where food, reading and entertainment interact, blurring the scope of space functions, making family communication atmosphere more pleasant. The white bricks on the whole background of the living room are laid with special specifications and individualities. The exposed surface is full of some industrial flavor, but it is not publicized. It is easy to transition directly from one floor to the second floor. The black steel staircase is made of sharp lines and full color. It derives a linear vocabulary of different proportions from the material, or interface, or shape, or guide light or shadow. Focus on Extended in the margin, the same atmosphere in the public and private sectors.

Private space on the second floor, the transition between facades is light and dexterous, and the spatial pattern of small rooms is introduced into the concept of suites. "Small in size, big in size" is the designer's intimate approach here: the bathroom is planned to be a perfect four-piece suite, the bathtub and shower fit in the window, the bold design of the mirror adds a unique flavor to the bath; similarly, even the narrow corridor, it also sets the end view, decorative cabinet from the owner's furniture brand, self-contained. Following the neutral color, the designer extended the floor of the main floor to the bedside background. The warm texture penetrated into the room, enabling the owner to completely settle down his mood. The layout of the furniture slightly broke the conventions, and gained a new sense, introverted and stable statement of the inclusive strength of the field.

Designers create different dimensions for the space to watch, convey the city leisurely, casual, comfortable and space closely integrated emotions, the host's rich and delicate taste also glimpsed a spot, live here, leisurely life.

Quiet Life

Design : WuTongStudio
Photographer : Zhen Lei
Area: 40*2 sqm
Completion : February 2012
Location : Nan Jing
Quiet Life